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From torrid desert heat to frozen tundra, through jungles and beneath city streets, Polyken, Pipeline Coatings are the standard for Pipeline protection the world over.

The Polyken ambient applied coating system is based on over forty years of in-ground experience and provides proven anti-corrosion and mechanical protection.

Polyken Coating System utilize expertly engineered high tensile polyolefin backings formulated for resistance to water absorption and soil stress.

Polykenís proprietary cross-linked butyl-alloy adhesives are specially formulated for high bond strength, high shear resistance and long term stability.

Every product and every new development is painstakingly tested and proven. Polykenís anti-corrosion pipeline coating system is know and documented to provide long-term anti-corrosion protection to steel pipeline.

Years of Polyken research and engineering have produced a line of pipeline protection products that can be easily and economically applied to any size pipe in any type of coating operation to meet the most rigid specification and environmental challenges.

Polykenís coating system are manufactured with state-of-the-art methodologies and engineered for total quality with on-time delivery and service worldwide.